Snowmobile Buyer's Guide

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Snowmobile Buyer's Guide

At Morgan Valley Polaris in Morgan, UT and Mountainview, WY

It can be challenging to find the perfect snowmobile. After all, there are several different factors to consider before you reach a decision. For example, what type of riding will you be doing and how much are you willing to spend? Here at Morgan Valley Polaris, we’re here to help you find the snowmobile that’s right for you. We’ve gathered some important information below that should help you in your buying process. If you have questions or you’d like to check out our inventory, which includes the incredible Polaris® Timbersled® system, stop by our dealership! We offer two convenient locations in Morgan, UT, and Mountain View, WY.

Choosing A Snowmobile

Some key choices you’ll need to make regarding your snowmobile include engine size, track length, and whether you’ll buy a new or used model. When it comes to engine size, the main options include two-stroke and four-stroke. With a two-stroke engine, you tend to receive a higher power-to-weight ratio but that power is often applied in a somewhat narrow range. This option is usually lighter and more compact. Four-stroke engines, on the other hand, have more moving parts but thanks to recent technology, they aren’t super heavy in comparison. A modern four-stroke engine is lighter than previous models of its kind.

Track length options tend to vary quite a bit. The most common choices include crossover sleds and trail sleds. A longer track and deeper track lug can handle both on- and off-trail riding. Another key benefit of a longer track is that it provides a smooth ride and handles bumps with ease. You’ll enjoy improved floatation and traction when you ride in deep snow. You might notice a slight sacrifice in trail handling when you choose a longer track, but nothing too intense.

Snowmobile Uses

The next thing to consider is how you plan to use your snowmobile. For example, will you be doing any heavy hauling? Do you plan to use your sled for fun as you soar through the powdery slopes for hours on end? Will you be participating in snowmobile competitions? The type of snowmobile you choose along with its features will greatly depend on how you plan to use your vehicle. Keep your eyes peeled for the snowmobile that’ll be tailored to your specific use. Take your time and do proper research before you land on a particular model.


Last but not least, you’ll want to establish a budget prior to starting your search. This will help eliminate models that are out of your price range and effectively narrow down your options. In addition, determining a budget in advance will guide you in the direction of either used or new models. When you buy a new snowmobile, you receive the security of a warranty in the event of any issues. Other expenses also need to be considered, such as gear, accessories, insurance, fuel and so on. Remember that new doesn’t automatically mean better. If a used model is more within your budget, you can still score a great snowmobile as long as you do your research and look for the right features and specs. Always ask about the sled’s maintenance and repair history and look for any visible signs of wear.

Polaris® Timbersled®

If you’re a hardcore powersports enthusiast, you’ll love the revolutionary Polaris® Timbersled®. For nearly ten years, this bad boy has been changing the industry with the sport of snow biking. When you love to tear up those off-road trails and want those thrills to continue through the winter, we encourage you to check out the Polaris® Timbersled®. This innovative system allows you to transform your bike from dirt to snow so that you can easily ride all year long. You no longer have to choose between your two greatest passions thanks to the Timbersled® system. This awesome system fits a broad range of off-road dirt bikes and modern motocross bikes. It includes a front ski and rear track system that take the place of the tires on your bike. You’ll choose your specific Timbersled® system based on your bike, then you’ll choose an install kit. There are countless installation videos and instructions for you to rely on so the process is a breeze. Once you’ve installed your Timbersled® system, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes!

Our Services

If you’re a hardcore powersports enthusiast, you’ll love the revolutionary Here at Morgan Valley Polaris, we’re proud to carry a wide range of snowmobiles for our customers to choose from, which includes the legendary Polaris® Timbersled® system. Give us a call or swing by one of our dealership locations today to check it out. You can find us in Morgan, UT, and Mountain View, WY. We offer a variety of services like accessory installation, chain adjustment, oil and filter change, tire repair, tune-up, and more. Whether you’re interested in browsing our Polaris® snowmobiles and Timbersled® systems for sale or looking for a particular service, we’ve got you covered. Stop by today!

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