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Durable Design, Dependable Power.

Husqvarna Equipment is built to provide a lifetime of outdoor performance.

The Husqvarna equipment we offer at Morgan Valley Polaris will not disappoint. Stay ahead of the competition with Husqvarna outdoor power tools – work less hours and burn less gas. Our full line up gives you confidence in any situation providing efficiency and protection while on the job. Our inventory holds Husqvarna lawn mowers, pressure washers, and chainsaws. Stop in for help finding the perfect Husqvarna product for your outdoor power equipment needs.

Morgan Valley Polaris provides a complete inventory of Husqvarna equipment.Browse our articulating riding lawn mowers, commercial zero turn lawn mowers, residential zero turn lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and walk behind lawn mowers below.]

Please feel free to browse our most popular Husqvarna equipment below:

Providing premium outdoor power equipment for over 3 centuries, Husqvarna is one of the industry’s oldest, most trusted manufacturers. Durability and dependability are their main priorities when designing new equipment models. From blowers and tillers to chainsaws and snow throwers, Husqvarna provides tools to take care of all your outdoor power needs.

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Morgan Valley Polaris provides a complete inventory of Husqvarna equipment. Please feel free to browse our most popular Husqvarna equipment below:

Popular Husqvarna Equipment:


Treat your lawn right with a Husqvarna Aerator. Aerators promote better airflow and absorption of water and key nutrients needed to keep your lawn in top shape. Their superior performance and smooth maneuverability will exceed your expectations.


Powerful Husqvarna blowers assist you with any kind of clean up. They have an easy start engine, are lightweight, and they’re comfortable to use. You can clear leaves, sand, straw, grass, and more with a Husqvarna blower.

Brush Cutters

Tame even the toughest terrain with a Husqvarna brush cutter. These brush cutters are powerful, versatile, lightweight, and efficient.


Rely on a Husqvarna chainsaw for all your routine tree care and firewood cutting. Husqvarna chainsaws are on your wallet and on the environment. They are batter-operated while still having superior power and torque.

Hedge Clippers

Maintain a beautiful landscape with Husqvarna hedge clippers. These hedge clippers are quiet and lightweight making it easier for you to work longer hours with less strain.

Lawn Edgers

Create precise edges along driveways, sidewalks, and landscape beds with a Husqvarna lawn edger. Their durable 7.5” edger blade allows for a cutting depth up to 2.5” giving you a solid, dependable performance every time.

Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna lawn mowers give you the best cutting performance with heavy duty decks and powerful engines. Unlike other brands’ lawn mowers, Husqvarna’s are designed for comfort for the long haul.

Over Seeders

Spruce up your lawn’s appearance with a Husqvarna seeder. Features include an adjustable seed gate, 12 gauge blades to maximize seed penetration, and an easy to store folding handle.

Pole Pruners

Pole Pruners allow you to reach higher spaces. Husqvarna’s pole saws are lightweight eliminating stress on your body while working.

Power Cutters

Rely on a Husqvarna power cutter to break through materials like stone, concrete, or asphalt. They’ll help you get the job done effortlessly.

Power Rakes

Quickly remove leaves, dead grass, and stems with a power rake. Husqvarna power rakes are powerful and can withstand even the toughest jobs for years to come.

Pressure Washers

Make any outdoor cleaning task easier with a Husqvarna pressure washer. They’re perfect for cleaning your house, driveway, car, deck, and grill with their powerful engine and detergent injection.

Snow Throwers

Power through the toughest of winters with a Husqvarna snow thrower. They’re equipped with a power engine to save you time and hard work.

Sod Cutters

Choose a Husqvarna sod cutter to remove or relocate sod anywhere on your property. With their ease of operation, durability, and variable speed you can’t go wrong with choosing a Husqvarna sod cutter.

Stump Grinders

Quickly remove troublesome tree stumps with ease with a Husqvarna stump grinder. Their careful and compact design ensures maximum performance.


Tackle tough turf with a Husqvarna tiller. Whether you’re looking to break new ground or maintain the soil in your garden, a tiller is there to help.

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