ATV Buyer's Guide

Atv Buyer GuideAtv Buyer GuideAtv Buyer GuideAtv Buyer Guide

Choosing an ATV | A Buyer's Guide

At Morgan Valley Polaris, we certainly understand the importance of choosing the right powersports vehicle for your individual riding lifestyle. After all, no one rider is exactly like the other, which is why we offer a wide variety of ATVs to our customers. In order to help you make your decision, we’ve put together this helpful guide that’s packed with information on choosing an ATV.

When you’re ready to start browsing your options, stop by one of our convenient locations so our friendly staff can help you along the way. We have locations in Morgan, UT and Mountain View, WY.

Types of ATVs

Before you think about shopping for your Polaris ATV, you’ll want to narrow down your options a bit so you’re not too overwhelmed. You can start by figuring out what type of ATV you're interested in buying. Each category of ATVs is tailored to a specific riding style with a number of features that further enhance the overall performance.

The most common ATVs are the utility models, which have a boxy and bulky appearance. These models usually include features like tow hitches, two-up seats, and cargo racks. These ATVs are often used for accomplishing work-related tasks but their solid construction makes them a great option for hours of fun on the trails, too. Whether you plan to use your utility ATV for work or fun is entirely up to you.

If you’re interested in a more sleeker style then you might consider a sport model instead. These ATVs also tend to offer an improved suspension system so that they can provide the level of performance that thrill seekers need on their adventures. Keep in mind that this type of ATV is primarily used for entertainment. If it’s an adrenaline rush you’re after, you’ll have met your match with a sport ATV.

ATV Features

In many cases, a standard model is all you need and you’ll be perfectly content with its performance. In the event that you crave a little more oomph, there are special features and amenities available. If you plan to ride with a buddy, you can seek out ATVs with larger seating and a suspension that’s capable of handling the additional weight without compromising performance. If you want a more comfortable riding experience, look for fenders that’ll keep water and mud off you. These are just a few of the many awesome features available.

ATV Rider Level

Another thing to consider when choosing an ATV is your rider level. If you’re a beginner then you’ll have many different needs than someone who’s been riding for years. Beginners should aim for less powerful engines that fall somewhere in the 250 to 300 cc range. If you choose an engine with power that exceeds your skill level, you can start to feel like you don’t have proper control of your ATV. New riders can benefit from helpful features like automatic CVT transmissions, keyed ignition, and throttle limiters.


Of course, your budget is always an important thing to take into consideration as well. It’s smart to establish a budget before you start shopping. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a brand new model on account of a persuasive salesperson or simply the shiny, expensive look. In reality, this can be a big mistake, especially if it’s not within your price range. If your budget is tight, you can eliminate several options that exceed your price range right from the start. You should also try to determine if you can afford an ATV that is in need of minor repairs and how much those repairs might cost. Always include the cost of any gear in your budget so you don’t overspend once the ATV has been purchased.

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